Cocktail-size Oceanic Oatcakes – Grainy plus Chilli - 4 tubs


These unique oatcakes, contain just three ingredients - oatmeal, vegetable oil and seawater, harvested from where the North Sea and the Atlantic meet.  These small, triangular, ‘grainy’ oceanic oatcakes are ideal for canapes, cheeseboards, and a delicious accompaniment to pates, smoked salmon and soft cheeses. Their size also makes them an attractive and healthy snack for children.

This combi set of small, triangular oceanic oatcakes includes one tub of chilli-flavoured and three tubs of plain ‘grainy’.

Wheat free, additive free, containing natural sea salt from the oceanic sea water. Contain gluten. Vegetarian Society Approved. ‘Best before’ date is nine months from baking.  Each tub contains approximately 40 oatcakes.

3 x 390g tubs ‘Grainy’, 1 x 400g tub ‘Chilli’