Balta Biscuit selection pack

Skibhoul Bakery is renowned for its ‘Ship’s Biscuits’, which have been produced for over 130 years.

This plain biscuit comes in four types, one of each is included – the flaky ‘Special’ biscuit, the sweeter ‘Tea’ biscuit, the thinner, firmer ‘Water’ biscuit and softer ‘Butter’ biscuit. Included in this is pack, is one pack of sweet ‘Oatmeal’ biscuits, and one pack of our very popular ‘Coffee Buns’.

Contain wheat and gluten. ‘Best before’ date is nine months from baking. 

4 x 250g packs plain ‘Balta Biscuits’, 2 x packs sweet biscuits, posted direct from Skibhoul Bakery to any UK address.