SINCE 1885



Freshly baked in Unst

Picture this.  You’ve travelled to the most northerly island in Scotland.  You’ve arrived in Baltasound and stopped off at the seafront at the head of the voe.  The air is clean, fresh, pure.  All you can hear is the sea lapping on the shore and the seabirds calling.  More evocative still is the tantalising smell of baking – warm, sweet, rich, mouthwatering, irresistible.  What memories it can conjure up!

Breathe it in.  It’s our welcome to you from our family firm, Skibhoul Bakery, here on the spectacular island of Unst.  We’ve been creating cakes, bread, oatcakes, biscuits and other baked goods on Unst since 1885 and we’re very proud of our Shetland roots.

Over many generations, we’ve perfected our own unique style and created our own special recipes.  We choose traditional baking techniques to make – with care – a range of fresh, hand-crafted, high-quality products.  The longer-life biscuits and our unique oceanic oatcakes, which are wheat-free and made using sea-water, are not restricted to Shetland and can be ordered on-line for delivery to any UK address.

The smell of our baking is amazing. The taste is even better.



Freshly baked in Unst

Our home is - and always has been - on the island of Unst, one of the Shetland islands and the most northerly inhabited island in Scotland.

Described as one of Europe’s hidden treasures, Unst has a population of just under 700. Its many attractions include wonderful wildlife, spectacular scenery, and a long, rich history which reaches back to Viking times (more than 60 Viking longhouses have been discovered on the island) and well beyond.

Photos by Robbie Brooks


The main village on the island is Baltasound, home of Skibhoul Bakery and once a thriving port for the herring industry, while to the north of Unst - on the tiny rocky outcrop of Muckle Flugga - is the United Kingdom’s most northerly lighthouse (designed by Thomas and David Stevenson). Thomas's son, Robert Louis Stevenson, visited the lighthouse as a young man, and Unst is said to be his inspiration for the map of ‘Treasure Island’. To find out more about Shetland, visit and to find out more about our wonderful island, visit